Drivers are responsible for returning your car in the same condition as when it was picked it up in. However,  if your car is returned with any new damage you can report it to hiyacar within 24 hours of the booking end time. 

As an owner you are responsible for ensuring that the driver has completed both the pick up and drop off process on your booking. This information will be required for any new claim that is reported and without this, claims will not be processed.
Hiyacar does not insure for normal wear and tear
so please read our Wear and Tear policy before making a claim so you can see what is and is not covered.   

To submit your claim you need to login to your account via the web and go to My Bookings. Click on the booking and you will find a ‘Need to make a claim?’ link at the bottom. Please fill out all of the information required regarding your claim and it will be assessed by our claims team within 5 working days. We will then be in touch with an update on the proceedings of your claim. 

Please note any new claim must be submitted within 24 hours of the booking end date. 

If any damage occurs during a hiya where responsibility cannot be determined (a tyre puncture for example), then our Triangle of Trust will be adopted. This is where the owner, driver and hiyacar pay 33.33% each up-to the maximum of £500 in total to cover the damage costs, anything above this amount will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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