Hiyacar does not facilitate car hires for anyone under 23 years of age or over the age of 75. 

UK Licences

Drivers aged between 23-24 years old must have a clean licence and have at least 24 months driving history. And will be restricted to cars up to insurance group 29.

Please note: due to the high risk of accidents, our insurance providers will not insure drivers under 25 years old living in the following postcode areas:

E1 to E3, E14, SE1, SE16, N16, W1, W2, IG, UB, RM and CR

Drivers aged 25 years and older must have at least 12 months driving history and can have up to 6 points on their licence. Though they may be referred to our insurance partner depending on the driving conviction. 

Drivers aged between 25 and 35 will be restricted to cars based on insurance group. If you are under 35 you can drive city hatchbacks or MPV's up to group 30 or cars in other categories up to group 19 (so any cars in the exec/saloon, sport/convertible, 4x4 or estate categories).

The insurance premium is calculated based on the drivers age, driving history and type of car they want to hire and is clearly visible at the checkout when booking a car.

EU Licences

If you have an EU licence you must have a registered UK address and to have passed our criteria to hire a car.


  • Pass our standard identity verification checks
  • Have at least 24 months driving history if aged 23-24 years old
  • Have at least 12 months driving history if aged  25 years old +

International Licences 

We are unable to verify drivers with international licences. 

If you have been living or driving in the UK for over 12 months, please apply for a UK licence and we may be able to verify you to hire car. 

Currently, if you do not have a UK registered address then you will not be able to hire a car. However, we are looking to open this up to residents of other countries sometime in the future. 

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