Hiya Owners:

As a Hiya Owner all you need to do is list your car on the website, make the profile as appealing as possible and accept or decline booking requests as you see fit. Hiya Drivers will pick the car up and drop it off at your chosen location where you will meet them and exchange the keys. Before you exchange keys do make sure that you both agree on the condition of the car and the Hiya Agreement that will be sent to you electronically once the Hiya Driver completes the pick up process. Hiya Owners will also need to see the drivers licence, take a picture of the front & back and make sure the details match those in the Hiya Agreement. 

All cars need to be personally insured, MOT’d and taxed to be listed and our insurance policy will supersede the owners for the duration of the rental. 

The Hiya Owner will keep 70% of the rental fee but can keep more if they become a Hiya-Earner which includes having a telematics box or Keyless technology installed and an average response time of 3 hours. 

hiyacar can provide owners with a telematics box so we can track your car when on hire and monitor driving habits, to give you extra peace of mind. 

Hiya Drivers:

For a Hiya Driver, you need to register on the website and fill in all your information in the Profile tab including Licence, Payment and Address details along with a DVLA check code so we can verify your driving history. We also require a Selfie of the driver with their licence and pictures of the front and back of the licence, 

Simply enter your location into the search box on the homepage and see all the cars in your area. See one you like, then enter the times and dates you need and make a booking request. Payment is pre-authorised when you request a car and it is taken when the Hiya Owner accepts your request. If a request is declined or expires then the pre-authorised payment will be released immediately on our end. Depending on which bank you are with it could take at least 24hours for the funds to re-appear in your account.

You will see a breakdown of the rental fee, £3 booking fee and your bespoke insurance premium. Insurance is calculated based on your age, driving history and the type of car you are looking to rent. 

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