Hiya Drivers are responsible for leaving the car in the condition it was in when they collected it. 

The Hiya Driver shall be liable for any new damage to the car in accordance with the terms of the Cancellation and Compensation Policy. The Hiya Owner shall promptly record any such new damage by reporting it to hiyacar within 24 hours.

Promptly following the return of the car, the Hiya Driver shall record the car's fuel level and inspect it for any new damage, taking pictures via the mobile App. Hiya Drivers are responsible for refueling any fuel used during the hiya, using the appropriate fuel (i.e. regular, premium or diesel.) If the car is returned with less fuel that stated in the agreement, a Refuelling Charge will apply. 

For any damage that occurs during a hiya that can not be determined if it was the Hiya Owners or Hiya Drivers liability (tyre puncture for example), then the triangle of trust will be adopted. This is where the Hiya Owner, Hiya Driver and hiyacar will pay 33.33% each up-to the maximum of £500 in total to cover the damage costs, anything above this amount will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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