I need a car but mine is booked

How can I proceed to keep my promise to the driver and not cancel the booking?

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If you find the need to use your car at a time it’s already booked, we can help!

🤝Cancelling your booking is breaking a promise to our mutual customer so may we suggest how we can help you without putting the driver in a tricky situation (and avoiding cancellation fees)…

A better way

👇 Take advantage of our wide range of cars.

1️⃣ Sign up as a driver on the platform

2️⃣ Contact us via live chat if you need help with verification

3️⃣ Choose and book a replacement car!

A real example

👏Many thanks to one of our owners, Richard who sent this message:

RL: 'I’m looking to hire a car this Sunday as mine has actually been booked out through the platform and I need a vehicle...Could you help?'

We were able to help Richard get verified as a driver and book a car. He even made a small profit whilst keeping his driver happy. You can do this automatically on the platform as well of course.

Doing business the right way

We’re not a huge corporation so we need to win with you, our trusted partners, by doing what matters to drivers. 60% of our bookings are from repeat customers and with a rapidly growing number of new drivers joining every day, this is no small feat!

Thanks for doing the best thing to help us grow which is delivering a great experience and we will do the same for you.

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